Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza, a staple food in many a diet, yet the crust is riddled with gluten. So, what to do? My first attempt at conquering GF pizza was the oft-pinterest-ed cauliflower crust.

And I’ll preface this post- my experiment with this crust resulted in kind of a mushy blob. Tasty, yes. But would I call it pizza? No. There are probably two reasons this recipe didn’t work for me. One: the instructions said use parchment paper and this happened:


Womp womp wahhhh…. I figured I would just use foil, spritz a bit of cooking spray on it and I’d be set. That was a mistake, the finished product was sticking to the foil and it was impossible to lift a slice intact.

Second, I loaded down my pizza with some heavy duty toppings. The original recipe just did cheese. I don’t want to call the crust wimpy, but.. It couldn’t support my spinach and mushrooms.

ImageStep 1. Sauce

ImageStep 2. An entire package of chopped spinach. Yes, UNDER THE CHEESE. Gettin wild.

ImageStep 3/4. Cheese and mushrooms, yummmmmm.

ImageThe finished product! Which unfortunately had to be scooped on a plate and eaten with a fork.

I used this recipe:

Note the thin layers of sauce and cheese. It could not stand up to my veggie overload. My compliments to the original blogger- the crust was quite tasty. Just not what I was looking for.

I think my next experiment will be making a GF crust with some GF flour, maybe that will have better holding power. We shall see.