GF Fiesta Lime Fish Tacos

Okay, so. Getting back on the horse. I started this blog and posted once, twice and then lost the motivation. But I was missing something- A quality camera to document the foods I was making! I was snapping pictures with my iPhone, which resulted in some less than appealing photos of my work.

Now, I have a lovely camera, and have recently purchased a deal on a photography class from so soon I will not only have a nice camera, but I’ll actually know how to use it! For now, pictures are okay-ish.

Secret weapon number 2: I got a great deal on two GF cookbooks from Groupon! (Notice a pattern? I have friends that have joked I single-handedly keep these companies afloat. Can’t resist a good deal).

ImageI was so excited when I got these in the mail- they seem pretty legit (in the past I ordered a GF cookbook and was underwhelmed) I am particularly excited about the one on the left, maybe because it is hard cover and has this gorgeous looking loaf of something on the front (Whoops you caught me judging a book by it’s cover. Hey, it happens).

Also side note super excited about the desk calendar I used as backdrop for the books. I hit up Staples yesterday for back to grad school shopping. Not 100% what I am going to need, so I got the basics. Then maybe blacked out a little and got some not-so-basics. But what a high!! There is nothing quite like back to school shopping, starting fresh, getting organized and ready for the new year. I really missed it last year when I took the year off between undergrad and grad. BUT I’M BACK, BACK WITH AN 8 GALLON FLIP-TOP FILE BOX READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD.

And now to the delicious recipe. For this little experiment, I combined two recipes I love, and substituted wheat tortillas with corn tortillas- that easy. Now, the corn tortillas are a little more crumbly and have a different flavor than the wheat, but it works. Also, for my second helping, I just went without tortilla and ate it with a fork. A naked taco, if you will.

So here are the links to the two recipes I used/blended/hybridized:

And for your cooking convenience, I put the two together, to form the Frankenstein that is…… Gluten Free Fiesta Lime Fish Tacos!!!! The fish taco recipe was for 2 servings and the fiesta lime rice for 4 so i tweaked the former to increased to 4 servings all around, and swapped out some ingredients. I hope you enjoy!

Gluten Free Fiesta Lime Fish Tacos

Shopping list

8 small fillets white fish (I used tilapia)



3-4 limes

Coarse salt


2 avocados

1 red onion

GF Corn tortilla wraps (I used Mission brand)


Can of black beans

Frozen corn

Large tomato

Cherry tomatoes


Greek yogurt


Hot sauce

For the fish

8 small filets cut into inch wide strips.

1 handful of cilantro

4 cloves garlic

2 limes juiced

6 tbsp Olive oil

1 large pinch of coarse salt

For the rice
1 1/2 cups cooked long grain rice

3/4 cup canned black beans, rinsed

3/4 cup cooked corn (I prefer frozen over canned), heated

1 large tomato, diced

1 large scallion, diced fine

2-4 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tbsp fresh squeezed lime juice

Salt to taste

For the guacamole

2 avocados

1/2 red onion

1 lime juiced

1 handful cilantro

6 cherry tomatoes

Salt to taste

For the sauce

4 tbsp mayonaise

6 tbsp greek yogurt

Hot sauce to taste

Now to put it all together. First make the marinade for the fish, put the garlic, cilantro (I did a rough chop before tossing it in), olive oil, lime juice and salt in the mortar (pestle? which one is which?)

ImageWow, how pretty does that look? I’m going to let you in on a little secret- you don’t really need one of these bad boys, I’ve done this recipe many a time, just chop up your cilantro and garlic, mix it up with olive oil, lime juice and salt and spread it over the fillets. Or throw all of the above into the bag. I’ll let you in on another secret- this was the first and last time I used this mortar & pestle as the inside wasn’t glazed or sealed or whatever it needs to be to make it easy to clean. And try as I might, I could not scrub out the ground in cilantro. But hey, what can I expect I bought it for $5 in a hut on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Win some lose some on the deals front. But, I digress. Get those fillets marinating and move on to your guac.

I must quickly introduce you to another tool that is not necessary, but I find super useful. As I am a huge avocado fan, I use this tool from Oxo quite often:


One side slices it open, the middle (on the flip side it has little metal teeth) safely removes the pit, and the other side scoops out and sliced up your avocado. Mine is a little bent of shape from use, but still works fine.

Otherwise, just open up those avocados the standard way. Then lightly mash em. Chop up the red onion, tomato and cilantro and mix in. Add lime juice and salt and pepper to taste.

Also, if you have a signature guac recipe, use that. This is a pretty good one, but I feel like guacamole is a flexible food, do with it as you please.

For the sauce mix together the yogurt, mayo and hot sauce to taste. I like a little spice, so I didn’t make it too hot, just a few shakes of the bottle.

For the rice, this is rather easy: combine all ingredients. Toss.

fiesta rice

Throw the fish on the grill. medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes per side, flipping once, or until cooked through, should be flaky and white.

Now go assemble your delicious tacos!


ImageAnd a blurry, rolled up version.


Plays well with lime margaritas.


Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Pizza, a staple food in many a diet, yet the crust is riddled with gluten. So, what to do? My first attempt at conquering GF pizza was the oft-pinterest-ed cauliflower crust.

And I’ll preface this post- my experiment with this crust resulted in kind of a mushy blob. Tasty, yes. But would I call it pizza? No. There are probably two reasons this recipe didn’t work for me. One: the instructions said use parchment paper and this happened:


Womp womp wahhhh…. I figured I would just use foil, spritz a bit of cooking spray on it and I’d be set. That was a mistake, the finished product was sticking to the foil and it was impossible to lift a slice intact.

Second, I loaded down my pizza with some heavy duty toppings. The original recipe just did cheese. I don’t want to call the crust wimpy, but.. It couldn’t support my spinach and mushrooms.

ImageStep 1. Sauce

ImageStep 2. An entire package of chopped spinach. Yes, UNDER THE CHEESE. Gettin wild.

ImageStep 3/4. Cheese and mushrooms, yummmmmm.

ImageThe finished product! Which unfortunately had to be scooped on a plate and eaten with a fork.

I used this recipe:

Note the thin layers of sauce and cheese. It could not stand up to my veggie overload. My compliments to the original blogger- the crust was quite tasty. Just not what I was looking for.

I think my next experiment will be making a GF crust with some GF flour, maybe that will have better holding power. We shall see.






A bit of an intro..

Hi, hello out there. To whoever may be reading this (most likely my friend Amanda who is patiently helping me set this up, but maybe someone else out there has checked in for a read. That’s GREAT).

So, a bit of back story on this little ditty, Gluten-free girlfriend. First, let me point out if you haven’t already noticed, the initials are GFGF. Can’t get more catchy than that. If I made a corresponding twitter account I would end each tweet with #GFGF, if 240 characters would allow. Now that we’ve cleared that up, GFGF is the project am I taking on to help my boyfriend, Louie, who has recently decided to go gluten-free. Therefore, I am GFGF. Here, let me show you a picture of him. I can do that right?IMG_1237

Alright. yes. I can. This is Lou and I on his first day skiing, which I introduced him to. It was a lot of fun until after lunch Lou took a spill and sprained his ankle and I had to carry his skis and my snowboard to the medic building as he limped along behind. YOUR WELCOME FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE, BABE!


BONUS: Here’s one of Lou bear wearing my straw sun hat.

SO, now that you have seen the man in question you can picture him in your head as I blog on about him. There are a lot of things that Lou loves that have gluten and he is not super thrilled about giving up. To name a few: cookie dough, garlic bread, sandwiches on a nice roll. So I decided to step up and experiment with some GF recipes for this bub.

I like to make lists. I am a list maker. So here are some lists to start up this blog:

List 1: Why I should blog about this

1. I am going to be doing all these great things, it deserves documentation

2. I am good at lists (repetitive? maybe.)

3. Three days ago I bought and assembled a nice desk chair from Ikea, which makes me want to type at my desk

4. I rearranged my desk to have more feng shui (before it faced a wall, now it overlooks my bed, which my dogs are often sleeping on)

5. I am a pretty good cook (not to pat myself on the back, but I’m alright)

6. I am a Registered Dietitian, so I know some stuff (This may or may not be as important as the Ikea chair setup, see #3)

7. I would like to get a cartoon caricature of myself, like I have seen on other food blogs

List 2: Why I should not blog about this

1. I have not so great patience. If I try a recipe and it flops, I might not be all that motivated to try again until perfect

2. I cook gluten-containing foods! What then?!

3. What if I run out of catchy GF recipes?

4. This GFGF is in an LDR (long distance relationship, FYI (for your information)), so some of these things I’ll be trying out, Lou will not get to try (or at least not right away)

List 3: Other things I will blog about to spice things up and sort of remedy #2,3,4 of list immediately preceding this list

1. My dogs. Oh, you want a picture to appraise their cuteness? Luckily I learned how to do that:


There are the little rascals in action. The one on the left is Waffles, the one on the right is the new puppy, Bean. Also, that is my right hand in the bottom left corner.

2. Things that happen that I think are noteworthy. Here’s an example. Today someone said to me “I love your boots, I am going to mug you on my way out”. As in, mug me and take the coveted boots. I think comments like that should be shared with the internet.

3. Other food stuff. If the names of my dogs haven’t clued you in, I’m a bit of a foodie. I would like to show you some of the goods.

4. Health things. I get all these great articles emailed to me every day about super interesting things (nutrition) and I always want to retweet them but felt like that was a weird place to do that. Now I have an outlet!

5. Fitness. Yeah I’m doing couch potato to 5k running plan, interesting, right?

6. Etc. Tune in later to find out.

Although the main idea of this blog is being a Gluten-free girlfriend, I sense it will develop beyond that. Let’s see what happens.

So, in closing, I invite you to join me on the magical voyage into the word of gluten-free experiments and adventures. Also, I promise next time there will actually be some great gluten-free recipe and less of me ranting and rambling.


PS – my name is Kayla.. I don’t know if that’s displayed anywhere, I kind of assumed it would be. Maybe I should have left it out to be mysterious.

You know you love me -GFGF