A bit of an intro..

Hi, hello out there. To whoever may be reading this (most likely my friend Amanda who is patiently helping me set this up, but maybe someone else out there has checked in for a read. That’s GREAT).

So, a bit of back story on this little ditty, Gluten-free girlfriend. First, let me point out if you haven’t already noticed, the initials are GFGF. Can’t get more catchy than that. If I made a corresponding twitter account I would end each tweet with #GFGF, if 240 characters would allow. Now that we’ve cleared that up, GFGF is the project am I taking on to help my boyfriend, Louie, who has recently decided to go gluten-free. Therefore, I am GFGF. Here, let me show you a picture of him. I can do that right?IMG_1237

Alright. yes. I can. This is Lou and I on his first day skiing, which I introduced him to. It was a lot of fun until after lunch Lou took a spill and sprained his ankle and I had to carry his skis and my snowboard to the medic building as he limped along behind. YOUR WELCOME FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE, BABE!


BONUS: Here’s one of Lou bear wearing my straw sun hat.

SO, now that you have seen the man in question you can picture him in your head as I blog on about him. There are a lot of things that Lou loves that have gluten and he is not super thrilled about giving up. To name a few: cookie dough, garlic bread, sandwiches on a nice roll. So I decided to step up and experiment with some GF recipes for this bub.

I like to make lists. I am a list maker. So here are some lists to start up this blog:

List 1: Why I should blog about this

1. I am going to be doing all these great things, it deserves documentation

2. I am good at lists (repetitive? maybe.)

3. Three days ago I bought and assembled a nice desk chair from Ikea, which makes me want to type at my desk

4. I rearranged my desk to have more feng shui (before it faced a wall, now it overlooks my bed, which my dogs are often sleeping on)

5. I am a pretty good cook (not to pat myself on the back, but I’m alright)

6. I am a Registered Dietitian, so I know some stuff (This may or may not be as important as the Ikea chair setup, see #3)

7. I would like to get a cartoon caricature of myself, like I have seen on other food blogs

List 2: Why I should not blog about this

1. I have not so great patience. If I try a recipe and it flops, I might not be all that motivated to try again until perfect

2. I cook gluten-containing foods! What then?!

3. What if I run out of catchy GF recipes?

4. This GFGF is in an LDR (long distance relationship, FYI (for your information)), so some of these things I’ll be trying out, Lou will not get to try (or at least not right away)

List 3: Other things I will blog about to spice things up and sort of remedy #2,3,4 of list immediately preceding this list

1. My dogs. Oh, you want a picture to appraise their cuteness? Luckily I learned how to do that:


There are the little rascals in action. The one on the left is Waffles, the one on the right is the new puppy, Bean. Also, that is my right hand in the bottom left corner.

2. Things that happen that I think are noteworthy. Here’s an example. Today someone said to me “I love your boots, I am going to mug you on my way out”. As in, mug me and take the coveted boots. I think comments like that should be shared with the internet.

3. Other food stuff. If the names of my dogs haven’t clued you in, I’m a bit of a foodie. I would like to show you some of the goods.

4. Health things. I get all these great articles emailed to me every day about super interesting things (nutrition) and I always want to retweet them but felt like that was a weird place to do that. Now I have an outlet!

5. Fitness. Yeah I’m doing couch potato to 5k running plan, interesting, right?

6. Etc. Tune in later to find out.

Although the main idea of this blog is being a Gluten-free girlfriend, I sense it will develop beyond that. Let’s see what happens.

So, in closing, I invite you to join me on the magical voyage into the word of gluten-free experiments and adventures. Also, I promise next time there will actually be some great gluten-free recipe and less of me ranting and rambling.


PS – my name is Kayla.. I don’t know if that’s displayed anywhere, I kind of assumed it would be. Maybe I should have left it out to be mysterious.

You know you love me -GFGF